Past invited talks, presentations, and lectures

The genetic landscape of the US

Broad Institute Journal Club | May 4, 2018 [watch online]

The ethics of ancient DNA studies

Panel Discussion, SMBE satellite meeting on Ancient DNA | April 5, 2018 [SMBE Ancient DNA]

The genetic landscape of the US

Data Science Initiative Colloquium, Brown University | February 17, 2017

Who Do You Think You Are? The Complex Genetic Portrait of the U.S.

23andMe Education Webinar | April 11, 2016 [watch online]

The genetics of cousins

Global Family Reunion, hosted by AJ Jacobs, NYC | June 6, 2015 [watch online]

Inference of individual-level admixture dates

Biology of Genomes Conference, Long Island, NY | May 5-9, 2015

Genetic ancestry and self-identity

Guest lecturer, “Identity” seminar course, Mt. San Jacinto College | April 24, 2015

The Neanderthal in us

Stanford Center for Professional Development | April 2015

The genetic landscape of the US

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM | April 8, 2015

DNA Based Ancestry Searching

San Mateo County Genealogical Society, San Mateo, CA | March 21, 2015

We're all related. The (big) data proves it.

Panel discussion at SXSW, Austin, TX | March 17, 2015

DNA Based Ancestry Searching

Technology and Science Committee, Mountain View, CA | January 14, 2015

The genetic ancestry of African, Latino, and European Americans across the United States

ASHG Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA | October 20, 2014 [poster]
Bay Area Population Genetics meeting, UC Davis, Davis, CA | December 6, 2014 [poster]

Introduction to population genetics forces lectures

As part of the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate | August 2014 [course link]

Separation of the largest eigenvalues in eigenanalysis of genotype data from discrete populations

Rosenberg Lab meeting, Stanford University, Stanford, CA | January 22, 2014 [slides]
ASHG Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, October 21, 2013 [poster]

Patterns of population structure and admixture among human populations

OEB 275br Guest Lecture, Harvard University, Stanford, CA | February 19, 2013 [slides]

Differential relatedness of African Americans to populations within West Africa

ASHG Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA | November 5, 2012 [slides]
DJ Club, Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School | June 10, 2012 [slides]

Robust estimates of heterozygosity from low coverage sequencing data

SMBE Annual Meeting, Dublin, Ireland | June 23-26, 2012 [poster]

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